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Fantasy Postseason supports Silent Auction auto-drafts:

  • In a Silent Auction, prior to the auto-draft, all managers submit sealed max bids that represent the most they are willing to pay for each player. The amount paid by the highest bidder is the value required to beat out the second highest bidder. For example, if the highest bid is 15 and the second highest bid is 10, the amount paid by the highest bidder is 11. In the event that two or more max bids are the same, the amount paid by the winning bidder is the max bid (see tiebreaking rules below).

  • The draft (nomination) order is exactly the same in every round, with a Straight-Draft format. When it is a manager's turn to nominate, the player highest in their priority list is put up for auction. If the nominator has the highest bid for a player but another manager has the same bid, the nominator gets the player. If a non-nominator has the same bid for a player as another manager (that is higher than the nominator's bid), the reverse of the nomination order is used as tiebreaker to determine who gets the player.

  • Managers can adjust both the priority ranking and the max bid associated with each player in the postseason pool (via 'Edit Max Bids' under the 'Players' menu). Note: In the absence of saved bids, the system will use our player rankings to determine the player nomination order.

  • A Bid for a player must respect league requirements (i.e. position requirements). If it does not, the player will be granted to another manager.

  • Silent auctions can can have a configurable Auction Bid Budget between 50 and 500:
    • Valid bids range from a minimum of 1, to a maximum of Auction Bid Budget - Number of players to be drafted + 1 (For example, if a league has an Auction Bid Budget of 300 and is drafting 8 players, the maximum bid is 293).

    • Successful draft bid prices do not carry-over to the free agent pool (as salaries do not apply).

  • Live auction drafts are not currently supported. The results of locally held auction drafts can be entered into our system via an Off-line Draft.