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Bringing Fantasy to the Playoffs!
playoff fantasy hockey bracket

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Basic Gameplay: Draft your fantasy hockey team just like you did back in the fall. However, this time you are limited to the players on the NHL playoff rosters. This means there are fewer studs and more strategy to be played out. The further your players advance in the NHL playoffs, the more points your fantasy postseason team scores.

Formats: Total Points, Head-to-Head Total Points, Head-to-Head Categories, and Rotisserie

Drafts: Live, Auto, and Off-line Drafts

Live Scoring: Yes

Rosters: Customize your fantasy hockey roster (F, D, F/D, G, FLEX, BENCH)

Lineup Setting: Daily or Per Week or Fixed (Challenge Format)

Salary Cap Option: Yes

Max Starts: Increase the strategy by limiting the number of times a player can be started.

Player Pool: Determine the size of the player pool by allowing players to be drafted 1,2,3,4,5 or an Unlimited # of times.

Number of Managers: Fantasy hockey leagues can be configured to be small (< 20 people) or large (up to 500 people in an office pool format).

Player Replacement: To mimic the interaction found in regular season fantasy hockey leagues you can choose to configure your league for free agency and trades.

Playoff Scoring Options: (1) Per-round scoring multipliers can be used to reward players that advance in the playoffs (i.e. 2x points for the Stanley Cup). (2) Per-player scoring multipliers can be used to provide incentive to pick players on underdogs or that were owned in your regular season leagues. (3) Count all of the games or just the best 4/7 per round. (4) Choose between a Cumulative scoring model or an Average performance per week approach.

View the complete rules for more details.



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