College Basketball Tournament Fantasy Leagues

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Registration is now open for our college basketball tournament fantasy leagues.  Our offering provides a means to play fantasy sports during the classic March NCAA tournament and is one of our more popular fantasy games.  We offer a number of different formats for this game but the most popular is the standard player pool approach where the further your players advance, the more points your fantasy tournament team scores.  Some leagues make things more interesting by limiting the number of players that you can select from a given team.  Others put restrictions on the number of players that can be drafted from each seed.  Create your league now and enjoy the tournament like never before!

Share Email Addresses

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Over the years, we've received a number of requests from commissioners to be able to view email addresses from users in their leagues.  Due to our privacy policy, we've avoided providing direct access - however, we did create custom league pages where new users were warned that joining that league would expose their email address to the commissioner (and they could choose to either join the league or not).

To simplify the process, we've added a new league setting called 'Require Managers To Share Email Addresses' that commissioners can set to 'Yes' when they create their league.  Once set, potential league members will be prompted with the following warning:  'The commissioner for this league requires that they can see the email address associated with each league member. Please confirm that you still want to join this league?'.  At that time, users can choose to 'Join' or 'Leave' the league.


Salary Cap Improvements

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Following a number of user requests, we've enhanced our salary cap add/drop process by adding a shadow interface where players can be added and dropped without impacting moves.  As changes are made, a running total of 'Pending Moves' (player adds) is shown, along with a warning that pending changes must be saved.  Once player changes are made that fit under the salary cap and contain your desired players, select the 'Save' button - only then will new player additions count against your total number of moves.  If you wish to cancel all player changes, select the 'Discard' button (no moves will be counted).

Please note the following:
- This change will only be made available for salary cap leagues that limit the number of free agent moves and allow unlimited player selection.
- This change will be made active starting with the college basketball tournament in March.

Free Postseason Fantasy Football Contest for 2018-19

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We're running a free fantasy contest for the NFL playoffs.  Prizes include an Apple TV 4k, RotoWire subscriptions, and authentic Fantasy Postseason gear (hats, shirts).

Details can be found here:


Fantasy Postseason and RotoWire

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Fantasy Postseason is pleased to announce a new partnership with RotoWire (a leading provider of premium fantasy sports resources). RotoWire will be providing our player injury status and notes for the upcoming NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB postseasons.  They will be sponsoring site-wide contests during the postseason, with winners receiving free RotoWire subscription services.  We will also be cross-promoting our sites in a number of different ways, so look forward to seeing us more prominently on each other’s sites!

Playoff Fantasy Football Registration

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We've opened up registration for our 2018-19 playoff fantasy football leagues!  Drafts begin on New Year’s Eve.

Use the early bird offer code EB_NFL_2018 by 12/15 to save 15% off your league costs. 

Fantasy Postseason turns 10!

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“There are no sites out there that support short term or playoff rotos - so I was thinking, why not create our own?” – and with that simple email in March 2008, the initial concept of what would become Fantasy Postseason was born. 

We were just a few guys who had been friends for years, loved sports, and loved fantasy sports.  Unfortunately for us, there were no fantasy sites out there that did anything for the postseason (our favorite time of year to play it).  To make things worse, the time and effort involved to track everything manually was growing exponentially by the year, and was putting one of our favorite pastimes in serious jeopardy.  In lieu of scrapping it forever, we decided at that critical moment to automate it, and wound up creating a site of our own. 

The months that followed were intense, but by September 2008, was somehow up and running, and ready to roll for the MLB Playoffs.  Our first users...

MLB Postseason Fantasy Leagues

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We've opened up fantasy league registration for the MLB playoffs!  Use early bird offer code EB_MLB_2018 by 9/21 for a 15% discount off your league costs.

2018 Summer Development Done: New Features!

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We've wrapped up another summer of new features and enhancements at

Here's a list of the updates and new features:

  • Box Pools: This newly added format involves grouping similar players into boxes. Managers select one player from each box to build their fantasy team.  This simple pool type is great for all skill levels.
  • Slow Drafts: Can't agree on a live draft time for your buddies? This approach allows you to engage in a live draft without a timer over several hours or days.
  • Draft Room Enhancements: We've redesigned visual aspects of the draft room and have also added a number of minor features including Auto Pick support, and a Draft Board.
  • Team QBs: We've included the option to add Team QBs to your NFL postseason fantasy football player pool, instead of having individual QBs. 
  • NFL Start Once Usability: We've made it easier to identify players to start in the Start Once format by hiding players that are on bye...

TOS and Privacy Policies Updated

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Note that we've made updates to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy in response to the GDPR regulation.  Please review.

NBA Playoffs Pick One Daily Contest

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We're running a free fantasy contest for the NBA playoffs with prizes for the top finishers.  See here for rules, prize information and other details.

NBA & NHL Playoff Fantasy Leagues

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We've opened up registration for the NBA & NHL playoffs!

Free NCAA Tournament Fantasy Contests

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Fantasy Postseason is holding a free challenge contest for the NCAA Tournament.  Win prizes including an Amazon Echo! See here for details.

Also, our friends over at The Fake Basketball are running a similar contest hosted on Fantasy Postseason as well.  See here for detalis.

New Features!

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Added the following support:

  • Added an RB/WR/TE slot for NFL fantasy leagues.
  • Added ability to set a max per position (QB, DEF, K) if utilizing UTIL or BENCH slots for NFL fantasy leagues.
  • Added ability to set a max per position (Goalie) if utilizing UTIL or BENCH slots for NHL fantasy leagues.
  • Added the ability to be notified via email when new managers join your fantasy league.
  • Added DEF points bonus scoring category for NHL fantasy leagues.
  • Added a 'Rosters by Seed' export file on the Rosters page.
  • Added additional info to the 'Ownership Stats' page.
  • Added a new 'Roster Comparison' page (which shows roster comparisons between a fantasy team with others in the league).

The Fake Basketball - March Madness Cheat Sheets

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Our friends over at The Fake Basketball are providing cheat sheets for the upcoming Men's NCAA basketball tournament.  Check them out.

From the Fake Basketball Team:  "Much like last season, we are bringing you a wide array of tools and information to help you with any of your NCAA Tournament Fantasy needs. Our Customizable Bracket and Rankings Excel has no peer on the market for your March Madness draft needs, but there's so much more: brackets, bracket analysis, individual player rankings, draft strategy, sleepers, locks, injuries, play-in round analysis, you name it, we have it in our comprehensive Tourney Package."

College Basketball Tournament Fantasy Leagues

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We've opened up registration for NCAA College Basketball Tournament fantasy leagues. Draft players from teams that you think will go deep into the tournament. These leagues are growing in popularity and a good way to supplement your NCAA brackets pools.  Create your fantasy league now!

PFF: Top 10 Leading Scorers thru 1/28

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We're through three rounds of postseason fantasy football (PFF) and there are some surprising names at the top of the leading scorers list (using standard scoring).   Of course, by the end of the Superbowl we expect to see some more Patriots and Eagles scattered throughout this list. 


  Rk   Player   Passing Rushing Receiving Kicking Defense   Fan Pts  
Int     Rush  
  Fum     Rec     Rec  
  FGM     XPM     Pts  
  Sk     Sf     TO  
  1 B. Bortles
  2 L. Fournette

Top WR Rankings for 2017-2018 Postseason

     Fantasy Postseason Staff

Here are the Fantasy Postseason staff rankings of the Top 10 WRs for postseason long leagues:

1. Brandin Cooks - NE - Up and down throughout the year, but is the WR1 on the team favored to win the Superbowl.

2. Michael Thomas - NO - Over 100 catches on the year and dominated the Panthers this year in their regular season matchup.

3. Antonio Brown - PIT - He would be the top ranked receiver, but he's coming off a calf tear and who knows what he'll be able to do on the field.

4. Stefon Diggs - MIN - Receiving touchdowns in last three games for the Vikings.   Their WR1 on a team that could be playing the Superbowl at home.

5. Adam Thielen - MIN - He's had some monster games this year - expect another in the posteason. 91 catches on the year with a ridiculous 14 YPC average. 

6. Juju Smith-Schuster - PIT - If Brown can't return, Smith-Schuster will put up big numers.  He finished the Week 17 win over the Browns with 143 yards and a...

Top RB Rankings for 2017-2018 Postseason

     Fantasy Postseason Staff

Here are the Fantasy Postseason staff rankings of the Top 12 RBs for postseason long leagues:

1. Le'Veon Bell - PIT - Bell's YPG averages are down in both the pass and run game.  But he's been a stud in the playoffs and we expect him to play at least 2 games. 

2. Dion Lewis - NE - We all know that we can't trust a Patriots RB in fantasy right?  Lewis has bucked the trend and has been consistently getting touches. With over 30 touches per game in the last two games, Lewis is primed to hold down the backfield during the Pats postseason run.

3. Todd Gurley - LAR - Breakout season for this Georgia back. Problem is they have a tough first round matchup vs the defending NFC champs and they could only play 1 game.

4. Jay Ajayi - PHI - Expect Foles to hand the ball off a lot to Ajayi. The Eagles lost their offensive leader when Wentz went down but they still have home field throughout the NFC playoffs.

5. Latavius Murray - MIN - Murray is...

Top QB Rankings for 2017-2018 Postseason

     Fantasy Postseason Staff

Here are the Fantasy Postseason staff rankings of the Top 12 QBs for the postseason:

1. Tom Brady - NE - Brady's output has slumped a bit towards the end of the season, but he leads the team with the best chance to win the Superbowl (again).

2. Ben Roethlisberger  - PIT - Pittsburgh should play 2 games.  The question is whether or not PIT can break the curse and beat NE in Foxborough.

3. Case Keenum - MIN - gives the Vikings a 33% chance of playing at home for the Superbowl and Keenum has been efficient this season with 22 TD against 7 INTs.

4. Drew Brees - NO - Brees had a strong run game to lean upon this year and that is evidenced by his 270 YPG passing average (lowest since 2005). The Saints are a solid team, with a twin rushing attack of Kamara and Ingram, but will need to win a few games on the road to get to the Superbowl.

5. Alex Smith - KC - The Chiefs should play 2 games and Alex Smith is having a strong year. While they lost...

Pick One From All Teams

     Fantasy Postseason Staff

Looking for a different type of fantasy league format for the NFL Playoffs?  Try a 'Pick One From All Teams' format in which only one player is selected from each of the 12 teams that qualified for the playoffs.  Instead of having players get scavenged from a team everyone expects to make the Super Bowl (i.e. Patriots), you can force managers to expand their horizons and pick a player from every team, even ones with zero hope of reaching the promised land. 

In your Fantasy Postseason league setup, switch 'Limit Players Per Postseason Team' to Yes, and set the value equal to 1.  Set your positions (QB, RB, WR, TE, K, DEF, etc.) to total 12.  If there are a large number of managers in your league, adjust '# Of Managers That Can Own Each Player' to a number greater than one.  When drafting, each manager must satisfy all of your league's position requirements, but can only do so with one player from each playoff...

Postseason Football ADP review

     Fantasy Postseason Staff

Here's a review of the top 20 ranked players by average draft position (ADP).  No surprises near the top, but you'll see Philadelphia (#1 NFC seed) and Minnesota (#2 NFC seed) are getting no respect. Losing Wentz is certainly a real issue for the Eagles - but according to FiveThirtyEight, the Vikings are favored to come out of the NFC and have a 19% chance of winning the Superbowl.   The Saints players are probably getting more love than they deserved too; per FiveThirtyEight's projections, they only have a 11% chance to make the Superbowl.


1. Tom Brady QB NE (ADP: 1.60)

2. Todd Gurley RB LAR (ADP: 2.51)

3. Le'Veon Bell RB PIT (ADP:3.84)

4. Ben Roethlisberger QB PIT (ADP: 5.48)

5. Alvin Kamara RB NO (ADP: 7.10)

6. Drew Brees QB NO (ADP: 9.47)

7. Kareem Hunt RB KC (ADP: 10.25)

8. Rob Gronkowski TE NO (ADP: 10.43)

9. Jared Goff QB LAR (ADP: 11.75)

10. Mark Ingram RB NO (ADP: 13.60)

11. Alex Smith QB KC (ADP: 14.17)

12. Leonard Fournette RB...

Postseason Fantasy Football League Formats

     Fantasy Postseason Staff

There are a number of ways you can set up your postseason fantasy football league. This blog post will introduce you to the most popular formats, and also guide you through the required setup. As a reminder, our leagues are fully customizable, so commissioners are encouraged to review the league setup options to determine the best setup for their particular league. For questions, feel free to reach out to, as we're always available to review league setup questions.


Elimination Player Pool

This traditional survivor pool format is probably the simplest way to play postseason fantasy football. Managers enter their own teams and their team is frozen throughout the postseason. This is a 'set it and forget it' type of league. No trades or free agency is allowed. As teams are eliminated, the players on those fantasy teams are eliminated as well. In order to implement this league format, use the following...

Free Postseason Fantasy Football Contest

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Join our free NFL postseason fantasy contest. For each round of the NFL playoffs, set your roster with any player that you want. However, you can only use that player once throughout the entire playoffs, so pick wisely. The top 4 contestants win prizes, including an Amazon Echo to the first place finisher.

Details can be found on the contest signup page.

Playoff Fantasy Football Registration

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We've opened up registration for our 2017-18 playoff fantasy football leagues!  Drafts begin on New Year’s Day.

Use the early bird offer code EB_NFL_2017 by 12/18 to save 15% off your league costs. 

October Baseball - Charity Contest

     Fantasy Postseason Staff

Fantasy Postseason is pleased to announce “October Baseball”, a charity fantasy league contest for the MLB Playoffs featuring fantasy baseball experts from Razzball, RotoWire, RotoExperts, NY Post, Big Three Sports, various SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio and Fantasy Sports Network hosts, and Tout Wars members.

Each league manager is allowed to start only one player each day, and can only start that player once during the entire postseason. The winner will receive a $1,500 donation from Fantasy Postseason in their name to the Salvation Army to help support hurricane relief. 

We would like to personally thank each participant for joining us in this cause. 

If you would like to give to the Salvation Army - please give directly through their website.

2017 Top Fantasy Postseason Batters

     Fantasy Postseason Staff

Here are the top fifteen ranked batters (infielders, designated hitters, outfielders) for postseason long fantasy leagues. [UPDATED on 9/27]

1. Cody Bellinger LAD - This 22 year old is second in the NL in HR with 39.  He's having a fantastic season and on a team that could represent the NL in the World Series.

2. Edwin Encarnacion CLE - Cleanup batter on the team favored to win it all. His power numbers (38 HRs, 103 RBI) make up for his middle of the road .258 BA.

3. Francisco Lindor CLE - This second year shortstop is peaking at the right moment. Hitting .309 with 8 HRs in the month of September.

4. Bryce Harper WAS - Recently returned from a long stint on the DL due to a bone bruise.  If he's healthy, he is one of the league's most dangerous hitters.  29 HRs in just 107 games this season. 

5. Aaron Judge NYY - The 6'7" 280 pound power forward has hit a ridiculous 13 HRs in the month of September. Ride that hot bat going into...

2017 Top Fantasy Postseason Baseball Relievers

     Fantasy Postseason Staff

There are some stud relief pitchers in this 2017 baseball postseason.  Here are our top ten rankings for postseason long leagues.

1. Kenley Jansen LAD - Dominant closer on a team that has a good chance to represent the NL in the World Series.  40 saves on the year with a 1.36 ERA.

2. Cody Allen CLE - Closer for the best team in baseball.  Should get several saves on Cleveland's ride to the World Series.

3. Ken Giles HOU - Strong second half of the season. 33 saves on the season to go along with a 2.34 ERA.

4. Wade Davis CHI - The Cubs closer with postseason pitching experience has 32 saves, a 2.38 ERA and a 1.13 WHIP on the season.

5. Craig Kimbrel BOS - Really good year for Boston with 1.34 ERA with 122Ks in just 67 innings.  But at some point will run into the Indians.

6. Andrew Miller CLE - This 6' 7'' southpaw has 25 holds on the season for the best team in baseball.  If your league rewards Holds - grab him.

7. Sean Doolittle WAS -...

2017 Top Fantasy Postseason Baseball Starting Pitchers

     Fantasy Postseason Staff

Here's a look at the top fantasy starting pitchers heading into the MLB postseason. [UPDATED on 9/24]

1. Corey Kluber CLE - Top pitcher on the best team in baseball. Kluber has posted a dominant 17-4 season with a 2.27 ERA.  In the month of September, has a 0.87 ERA and a 0.65 WHIP.  Should be top overall pick for post-season long fantasy leagues.

2. Clayton Kershaw LAD - 17-4 overall but has been human in September with a 3.74 ERA. Dodgers favored to win NL - so this puts him ahead of other elite AL pitchers on teams not named Cleveland. 

3. Justin Verlander HOU - 4-0 since traded to Houston and has been impressive and nearly unhittable with a 0.64 ERA in September.

4. Chris Sale BOS - Strikeout artist with 300 K's on the year.  Excellent pitcher but how far will BOS be able to go in the postseason?

5. Carlos Carrasco CLE - Good pitcher on a great Cleveland team favored to win it all. Pitching very well down the stretch with a 1.83 ERA in last 5...

Registration now open for MLB Playoffs 2017

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We've opened up fantasy league registration for the MLB playoffs!  Use early bird offer code EB_MLB_2017 by 9/28 for a 15% discount off your league costs.