Postseason Fantasy Football League Formats

     Fantasy Postseason Staff

There are a number of ways you can set up your postseason fantasy football league. This blog post will introduce you to the most popular formats, and also guide you through the required setup. As a reminder, our leagues are fully customizable, so commissioners are encouraged to review the league setup options to determine the best setup for their particular league. For questions, feel free to reach out to, as we're always available to review league setup questions.


Elimination Player Pool

This traditional survivor pool format is probably the simplest way to play postseason fantasy football. Managers enter their own teams and their team is frozen throughout the postseason. This is a 'set it and forget it' type of league. No trades or free agency is allowed. As teams are eliminated, the players on those fantasy teams are eliminated as well. In order to implement this league format, use the following...

Fantasy Football in the Postseason

     Fantasy Postseason Staff

At Fantasy Postseason, we offer a number of different options for those who want to keep playing fantasy football during the NFL playoffs. There are three basic configurations that most commissioners use.  

The most common and also most basic is the Player Pool - the further your players advance, the more points your fantasy playoff team scores. This is a simple game format and is especially good for a large number of participants.  

The second format that is growing in popularity is the Start Once format. Managers can start anyone they want each weekend of the playoffs, however they can only start that given player once throughout the postseason. There's a lot of strategy with this approach and usually keeps managers highly engaged throughout the entire postseason.  

Finally, you'll see a number of Salary Cap format leagues where managers build their teams with player salary considerations. There's strategy and deliberation with this...