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Fantasy Postseason is a full featured fantasy website with a focus on postseason and playoff fantasy games. Contact us at for questions.

Fantasy Games for the Major Postseasons

  • MLB Baseball Playoffs
  • NBA Basketball Playoffs
  • NFL Football Playoffs
  • NHL Hockey Playoffs
  • College Basketball Tournament

Site Features

  • Fantasy Groups that persist records over time
  • Easy to use interface
  • Personalized User Accounts with Avatars
  • Blog for up to the minute site updates

Fantasy Game Basics

  • Draft postseason players
  • Add/drop players via free agency and trades if configured
  • Accumulate points as players advance in the playoffs
  • Total Points/Rotisserie Leagues: Win league by having the most points
  • Head-to-Head Leagues: Win league by having the best record

Fantasy Groups

  • Records kept across various fantasy leagues
  • Easy access to league registration
  • Private group message board
  • Group Email

Fantasy Leagues

  • Customized Scoring and Player Projections
  • Configurable Per Round Scoring Multipliers
  • Private league message board
  • Auto draft rankings with drag and drop interface
  • Detailed Player Scoring
  • Numerous Excel Exports of Rosters and Scoring Information
  • League Email
  • Free Agency and Trades
  • Waiver Wire
  • Daily or Per Round Lineup Setting
  • Per Player Scoring Multipliers
  • Random/Configurable Draft Order
  • Configurable # of times a player can be drafted (i.e. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Unlimited)
  • Salary Cap
  • Limit the number of starts per player
  • Office pool support for up to 1000 members

Draft Features

  • Live, Auto, Auction, Box Pool, or Off-line Draft Support
  • Snake, Straight, 3RR, or Banzai Draft Style
  • Chat room
  • Access to custom rankings
  • Commissioner ability to draft for others