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Fantasy Postseason supports Live Auction drafts.

Prior to the draft:
  • Managers that do no plan on attending the live draft can adjust both the priority ranking and the bid associated with each player via 'Edit Max Bids' under the 'Players' menu. The bids represent the most that a manager is willing to pay for each player, while the rankings determine the player nomination order. Note: In the absence of custom bids/rankings, the system will use our defaults.

  • Commissioners can set the Auction Budget between 100 and 250. Valid bids range from a minimum of 1, to a maximum of Auction Budget - Number of players to be drafted + 1 (For example, if a league has an Auction Budget of 200 and is drafting 8 players, the maximum bid is 193).

During the draft:
  • When it is a manager's turn to nominate, select the desired player, and select 'Nominate'. If a manager is not present, the player highest in their priority list will be put up for auction.

  • The number of seconds to nominate a player is based on the commissioner's selection pre-draft. After each bid, online managers are allotted 20 seconds to raise the bid (offline managers that are auto-drafting are allotted 5 seconds).

  • Initial bids start at $1 and are auto incremented by $1. If a manager is not present, they will engage in the bidding process up to the max bid they set for the player pre-draft. If a manager is present, they must manually select 'Bid' or 'Manual' to engage in the process.

  • A Bid for a player must respect league requirements (i.e. position requirements). If it does not, the player will be granted to another manager.

  • The draft (nomination) order is the same in every round, with a Straight-Draft format.

  • Successful draft bid prices or leftover budgets do not carry-over to the free agent pool (as salaries do not apply).