Help on the Live Draft InterfaceHelp Index

There are a number of capabilities available to all managers during a live draft:

  • Enter Draft Room: To enter your league Draft Room, go to your League home page and select 'Enter Draft Room'. Note: This option is only available 10 minutes before the draft has started.

  • Select Players: To select players during a draft, select the desired player and select 'Draft Player'. Note: Each manager must fill all league position requirements.

  • Filter Players: To filter by team/player during a draft, type any portion of the player or team name within the search box (to remove the filter, remove the entry). To filter by position, select the appropriate tab (i.e. QB).

  • Queue Players: To utilize the Queue during a draft, select the desired player and select 'Add to Queue'. The system will draft a player from the top of the list if the timer expires (drag and drop to adjust priority). Players can be removed from the Queue by selecting 'Dequeue'.

  • Auto Pick: To have the system automatically select players when logged in to the draft, check the 'Auto Pick' box. The system will then quickly select the top player in your queue, or the top ranked player remaining if no queue has been set.

  • View Draft Results: To view draft results during a draft, select either the 'My Team' or 'Results' tab. To see selections by a specific manager, select the manager's profile image at the top of the screen. Note: This allows visibility to not only previous picks, but also valid next picks.

The following options are available to the Commissioner only during the draft:

  • Draft For User: When the appropriate manager is on the clock during a draft, choose the desired player, and select 'Draft for User'. Note: Each manager must fill all league position requirements.

  • Online Status: To see if other managers are online during a draft, select 'Admin', and select 'Online Status'.

  • Quick Pick: To disable the 'Quick Pick' option for absent managers during a draft, select 'Admin', and select 'Disable Quick Pick' - players for absent managers will then be selected within the normal time interval in place for the draft. To re-enable 'Quick Pick', select 'Enable Quick Pick'.

  • Pause (Resume) Draft: To Pause a Draft, select 'Admin' and select the 'Pause Draft' button. To resume the draft, select the 'Resume Draft' button.

  • Undo: To Undo a selection during a draft, select 'Admin', select the 'Pause Draft' button, and then select 'Undo Pick'. Once the transaction has been confirmed, select 'Resume Draft'.