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Basic Gameplay
In a ‘Player Pool’ league format, managers build their fantasy teams in our most popular league format. Managers attempt to grab the best players on the teams they think will advance the furthest in the postseason. Players on teams that are eliminated can be replaced via free agency if your league allows that option.

Player Selection
Players can be drafted via a variety of means. We support live online drafts, auto-drafts, or manual (or off-line) player selection.

Fantasy Scoring & Winning
Scoring is determined by your league's settings. The fantasy team with the most points or best record across the entire postseason is the league winner.

Commissioner Options
The following options are available to commissioners:
  • Commissioners have a wide variety of options to choose from including the league type, league format, draft type, number of league managers, number of players per team, number of managers that can own each player, whether or not a maximum number of players are allowed per team, whether or not a maximum number of player starts is allowed, whether or not the league has benches, whether or not free agency is allowed, whether or not trades are allowed, scoring category values and multipliers, etc. Note: The full list of options is detailed in the rules for each sport on the main help page.

  • Most commissioner options can be found via the ‘Admin Tools’ tab on the league home page. Additional options can be found on the Settings menu.