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To trade players, after the league draft has completed, go to your League Home page and select 'Trades' from the 'Players' menu. To trade a player, select a player from the 'My Players' list, select a trading partner, and then select a player you wish to acquire from that manager's team.

  • Unbalanced trades are supported. However, trades must respect a league's roster size and position requirements. For example, although a trade of 1 player for 3 players is allowed, all 3 players will be placed 'On Hold' (after the trade is approved), if the trade puts the recipient over either the maximum roster size or maximum number of players that is allowed at a position. Players are released from hold once the offending manager adjusts their roster (either via Free Agency or additional trades) to conform to the required limits. Note: Please see Hold Management for information on how a commissioner can also clear a hold.

  • A maximum of 3 players can be traded at one time.

  • Players on eliminated teams cannot be traded.

  • Locked players cannot be traded.

  • Trade offers must be accepted within 48 hours or they are automatically cancelled.

  • The length of time trades are permitted is configurable by the commissioner.

  • Commissioners can require trades to be reviewed (by either the commissioner or by league vote). Under a League Vote, a trade will be rejected if 30% or more of the league members vote against it. For example, if a league has 6 members and 2 managers vote against it, a trade will be rejected since 33% of the league voted against it.

  • Commissioners can set a Trade Review Period of 12, 24, or 48 hours - which is the number of hours a commissioner or league has to veto/accept a trade. Trades not vetoed by the commissioner or league will auto-approve at the end of the trade review period.

  • Trades are processed every 30 minutes (at 15 minutes and 45 minutes after the hour); they are not immediately processed after they are approved.

  • For configuration options available to the commissioner, please see the Trades section on the 'Settings' page.