MLB Postseason 2015: A Recap From Last Year's Top 10

     Fantasy Postseason Staff

The MLB playoffs are a few weeks away and soon you'll be planning for your postseason baseball draft. Let's review the results from last year's fantasy postseason (using standard Fantasy Postseason scoring) to see what lessons we can learn. Daniel Murphy was the top scorer, and this is no surprise given his incredible performance. He's a prime time performer and someone who can be expected to do well when the lights are the brightest. The rest of the top ten is mostly composed of players on teams that made the World Series, with the lone exception being Jose Bautista whose Jays lost in the ALCS. No doubt, the key to doing well in a player pool is picking players that are going to both do well and also advance to the World Series round. One other thing to note is that 8 out of the 10 players are position players, not pitchers. Pitchers can be risky, since their scoring is heavily dependent on them getting credited for wins and/or saves.

A few other interesting tidbits.. Jake Arrieta was a dominant pitcher last year. He was 2-1 in the 2015 postseason with a 3.66 ERA and 0.915 WHIP. He ended up as the 5th leading scoring pitcher, with 56.47 points.  Only two relievers made the top 20 - Wade Davis with 59.27 points and Kelvin Herrera with 51.12 points.


Top Ten Fantasy Scorers from 2015 MLB Postseason

Rank Player  
Fan Pts
1 Daniel Murphy 89.50
2B-New York Mets
2 Ben Zobrist 81.00
LF-Kansas City Royals
3 Curtis Granderson 78.25
RF-New York Mets
4 Alcides Escobar 76.00
SS-Kansas City Royals
5 Lorenzo Cain 74.50
CF-Kansas City Royals
6 Jacob deGrom 70.60
SP-New York Mets
7 Eric Hosmer 68.00
1B-Kansas City Royals
8 Jose Bautista 67.25
RF-Toronto Blue Jays
9 Salvador Perez 65.50
C-Kansas City Royals
10 Matt Harvey 63.52
SP-New York Mets


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