Playoff Fantasy Football Registration

     Fantasy Postseason Staff

We've opened up registration for our 2016-2017 playoff fantasy football leagues.

A number of new features have been added since last year including the following:

  • New Responsive User Interface Design - Our new UI is cleaner, more usable, and device independent.
  • Limiting the # of Players from Each Team -  Commissioners can now limit the number of players from each playoff team. This prevents managers from "loading up" or going all in on one or two particular teams.
  • Requiring 1 for 1 Free Agency Transactions - This configuration option requires that free agent player swaps are one for one. This is particularly useful if you are in a Salary Cap league and you want to prevent players from dropping 2 less expensive players to pick up 1 more expensive player.
  • Allowance for Late Joins - Commissioners can now allow managers to join after a league has been activated.
  • Creating Proxy Teams - Commissioners can create teams on behalf of other owners.  These owners can claim their teams when they join the league.
  • Locking Teams – Commissioners can prevent new teams from joining a league or prevent teams from dropping out of the league.
  • Excluding Players - Players can now be removed from the postseason pool. This can be used to remove players from certain teams or elite players like Lebron James, who provide managers with a distinct advantage in the postseason.
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