Pick One From All Teams

     Fantasy Postseason Staff

Looking for a different type of fantasy league format for the NFL Playoffs?  Try a 'Pick One From All Teams' format in which only one player is selected from each of the 12 teams that qualified for the playoffs.  Instead of having players get scavenged from a team everyone expects to make the Super Bowl (i.e. Patriots), you can force managers to expand their horizons and pick a player from every team, even ones with zero hope of reaching the promised land. 

In your Fantasy Postseason league setup, switch 'Limit Players Per Postseason Team' to Yes, and set the value equal to 1.  Set your positions (QB, RB, WR, TE, K, DEF, etc.) to total 12.  If there are a large number of managers in your league, adjust '# Of Managers That Can Own Each Player' to a number greater than one.  When drafting, each manager must satisfy all of your league's position requirements, but can only do so with one player from each playoff team.

In later rounds as teams get eliminated and players dwindle, you will likely want to adjust the number of players allowed per team to a number greater than one.  If you switch, adjust the waiver setting to 'All the Time' to avoid an unfair run on free agents.  


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