Salary Cap Improvements

     Fantasy Postseason Staff

Following a number of user requests, we've enhanced our salary cap add/drop process by adding a shadow interface where players can be added and dropped without impacting moves.  As changes are made, a running total of 'Pending Moves' (player adds) is shown, along with a warning that pending changes must be saved.  Once player changes are made that fit under the salary cap and contain your desired players, select the 'Save' button - only then will new player additions count against your total number of moves.  If you wish to cancel all player changes, select the 'Discard' button (no moves will be counted).

Please note the following:
- This change will only be made available for salary cap leagues that limit the number of free agent moves and allow unlimited player selection.
- This change will be made active starting with the college basketball tournament in March.

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