Protip: Using Bracket View During Your Fantasy Draft

     Fantasy Postseason Staff

We've recently added support for a Bracket View page for College Basketball Tournament leagues.  The page can be found under your league's Players sub-menu and can be a useful tool to consult during your drafts. This page shows the number of players drafted on a given team.  More importantly, you can consult it to ensure that you don't draft players from different teams that might be too closely grouped in a given region.  For example, if you pick players from a #4 seed (such as Villanova) and also a #5 seed (such as Purdue) and they are in the same region, you're going to lose players if those two teams meet in the 2nd round of the NCAA tournament.

So before you enter your draft, open up a browser tab specifically for Bracket View and refresh it as you're making your picks, you'll put yourself in the best position to win your tournament fantasy league.

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