Creating / Joining LeaguesHelp Index

Leagues can be created as standalone or as part of a Fantasy Group. To create or join a group league, please see Fantasy Groups.

To create a non-group league, select 'Create New League' from 'My Profile', and perform the following steps:
  • Select a League Type:
    • Premium: Allows for Live, Auto, and Offline drafts up to 20 managers.

    • Premium Pool: Allows for Offline drafts only up to 200 managers.

    • Corporate: Allows for Offline drafts only up to 1000 managers, with custom branding. Please contact for more details.

  • Select a Sport and select Go.

  • Provide a League Name, select a League Access (Private or Public), and select 'Create League'. Notes: The League Name must be a minimum of 3 characters; a Password with a minimum of 6 characters is required for Private leagues.

  • Select a Game Format:
    • Player Pool: Managers build their fantasy teams to win in a standard elimination pool format.

    • Salary Cap: Managers build their fantasy teams with combined player salaries under a set limit.

    • Pick One Daily: Managers choose one player to start each game day. There is no draft and players can only be used once.

    • Box Pools: Managers build their fantasy teams by choosing one player per 'box' (or grouping) of similar players.

  • Select Go, configure the league settings as desired, and select 'Save Settings'. Note: Please see the Player Pool Size Calculator for help with your configuration settings (best suited for the Player Pool format).

  • To invite friends to join a League, select the Invite Friends button at the time of league creation. Enter a list of valid e-mail addresses and select Send Invites. Note: Additional invites can be sent via Admin Tools | Invite Friends.

To join a non-group League, select either 'Join Private League' or 'Join Public League' from 'My Profile':
  • Private League: To join a Private league, first retrieve a valid League ID/Password from the League administrator. Enter the valid League ID/Password, and then select 'Join Private League'.

  • Public League: To join a Public league, enter the desired League Search Criteria (League Name, League Type, and/or League Size), and select 'Find a League'. Review the list of leagues that are accepting new members, and select the desired league. Select 'Join League' to become a member.

To access the league and communicate with league members, the following options are available:
  • Access League: To access your League(s), login and select 'My Profile'. Select the desired League under the 'My Fantasy Leagues' section. Note: The most recently created league will be at the top of the list.

  • Communication: The commissioner can create a league-wide message via Edit Commish Message. On the league home page, there is a Message Board and an 'Email League' option. With 'Email League', for leagues that allow managers to own multiple teams, the user name is shown; for leagues that don't allow managers to own multiple teams, the team name is shown (commissioners can use Owner Management to determine the user's name).

To manage / view league settings, please see Settings.