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To manage rosters after the draft, go to your league home page and select from the following options on the 'Players' menu:
  • Bracket View: Used to view players and scoring by bracket.

  • Draft History: Used to view your league draft history.

  • Injuries: Used to view the latest player injury news.

  • Most Actives: Used to view most common roster adds and drops.

  • Ownership Stats: Used to view a player's Start and Used percentages for 'Pick One Daily' leagues.

  • Roster Management: Used to shows common players between a fantasy team with all the others in the league. Note: The '# of Managers That Can Own Each Player' option must be set to Unlimited, and Hide Rosters must be off for this to appear.

  • Rosters: Used to view your current league rosters.

To view your own roster, for 'Pick One Daily' leagues, select 'My Daily Starters'. Note: Benches do not apply, and players can be added/dropped directly from here. For all other league types, select 'My Team'. If your commissioner configured Benches, lineups can be adjusted by day, round, or week. Please see the 'Lineup Setting' section within each sport's 'Rules' from the Help menu for more information.
  • To bench players, select 'Bench' from within the 'Status' column of the player you would like to bench, and then select 'Starter' from within the 'Status' column of the player you would like to remove from the bench.

  • The total number of bench players is configurable by the commissioner.

  • Starting lineups must respect position requirements.

  • Managers with illegal rosters (due to exceeding the salary cap, unbalanced trades, etc.) may find players on hold (these players cannot be started or benched). Players can be released from hold by conforming to league rules via either free agency or trades, or with the commissioner's help via Hold Management.
To make changes to your roster (for leagues other than 'Pick One Daily'), please see Free Agency and/or Trades.