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Welcome to - your postseason home for fantasy sports. The most important time of year in any sport is the postseason, and that is our singular focus. What follows is a detailed listing of our Playoff Fantasy Football rules; this includes our league configuration options, scoring, lineup setting, and waivers.

League Configuration Options

Commissioners can customize their leagues in many ways (review Settings / View League Settings for the settings selected by your league commissioner):

League Access Private
Max Managers 2-20
(Premium Pool offline drafts can support up to 200; Corporate up to 1000)
League Format Total Points
Head-to-Head Total Points
Number of League Divisions 1
Reserve Last Game Week for Championship Matchup Yes
Salary Cap Yes
Salary Cap Value $50-$500
Auction Budget 100-250
Draft Type Live Draft - Snake, Banzai, Straight, 3RR, Auction
Auto Draft - Snake, Banzai, Straight, 3RR
Off-line Draft
Allow Managers To Create Team Yes
Allow Managers To Own Multiple Teams Yes
Require Managers to Select New Team Each Round Yes
Draft Date and Time TBD
Seconds Per Pick 60
No Timer - Slow Draft
Lineup Setting Daily
Per Round
# Of Managers That Can Own Each Player 1-5
Allow Co-Managed Teams Yes
Automatically Activate League Upon First Game Yes
Allow New Managers to Join Activated League Yes
Send League Join Notifications to Commish Yes
Require Managers To Share Email Addresses Yes
Allow Managers To Send League Emails Yes
Hide Rosters Yes
Limit Players Per Postseason Team Yes
Max # Players Per Postseason Team 1-5
Limit Player Starts Yes
# Starts Allowed 1-3
Per Team Multipliers Yes
Per Player Multipliers Yes
Allow Free Agency Yes
# Free Agent Moves Per Team 1-10
15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50
Unlimited Free Agency Before Postseason Yes
Allow Eliminated Players to be Dropped Yes
Allow Players To Be Dropped Without Adding A Player Yes
Waiver Wire Yes
Waiver Priority Continual Rolling List
Free Agent Acquisition Budget
Waiver Period Post Game
All the Time
Last Day for Free Agency Last day for free agency is the day of the Super Bowl
Allow Trades Yes
Trade Review Commissioner
League Vote
Trade Review Period 12 hours
24 hours
48 hours
Trade Deadline Last day for trades is the day of the Super Bowl
Players Per Team Team QBs (Yes/No)

Team Ks (Yes/No)

QB (0-8)
RB (0-8)
WR (0-8)
TE (0-8)
WR/RB (0-8)
WR/TE (0-8)
WR/RB/TE (0-8)
K (0-8)
DEF (0-8)
Util (0-30)
Bench (0-20)

*The WR/TE slot can either be used on a Wide Receiver or Tight End.

*The WR/RB slot can either be used on a Wide Receiver or Running Back.

*The WR/RB/TE slot can either be used on a Wide Receiver, Running Back, or Tight End.

*The Util and Bench slots can be used on any position.

*If Util is set to 0 and a position is set to 0 (i.e. K), no players at that position (i.e. K) will appear in the pool.

*The Team QB and Team K options determine whether QB (K) roster slots are filled with individual QBs (Ks) or represent all the QBs (Ks) on a postseason team.
Max Per Position QB (1-8)
K (1-8)
DEF (1-8)

*These settings determine the maximum number of Quarterbacks, Kickers, or Defenses allowed per roster when the roster contains UTIL or BENCH slots.
Allow Fractional Points Yes
Fantasy Scoring -20.0 to 20.0
Per Round Multipliers -20.0 to 20.0

For details on drafts, please see Draft Types.

Football Scoring (Defaults):

Category Default Value
Allow Fractional Points Yes
Category Default Value
Per Every 10 Rush Yards 1.0
Per Rush TD 6.0
Per Rush Attempt 0.0
100+ Rush Yards 0.0
150+ Rush Yards 0.0
200+ Rush Yards 0.0
Category Default Value
Per Every 10 Rec. Yards 1.0
Per Rec TD 6.0
Per Reception 0.0
100+ Rec Yards 0.0
150+ Rec Yards 0.0
200+ Rec Yards 0.0
Category Default Value
Per Every 20 Pass Yards 1.0
Per Pass TD 4.0
Per Completion 0.0
Per Incompletion 0.0
Per INT Thrown -2.0
Per QB Sack 0.0
300+ Pass Yards 0.0
400+ Pass Yards 0.0
Category Default Value
Per Return TD 0.0
Per Fumble Recovery TD 6.0
Per Fumble Lost -2.0
Per 2PT Conversion 2.0
Category Default Value
Per FG 0-19 Yds Made 3.0
Per FG 20-29 Yds Made 3.0
Per FG 30-39 Yds Made 3.0
Per FG 40-49 Yds Made 4.0
Per FG 50+ Yds Made 5.0
Per FG 0-39 Yds Missed 0.0
Per FG 40-49 Yds Missed 0.0
Per Extra Point Made 1.0
Defense/Special Teams:
Category Default Value
Per Interception 2.0
Per Fumble Recovery 2.0
Per Sack 1.0
Per Safety 2.0
Per QB Hit 0.0
Per Pass Defended 0.0
Per Tackle for Loss 0.0
Per Block Kick/Punt 2.0
Per Return Yard 0.0
Per DEF/Special Teams TD 6.0
Points Allowed:
Category Default Value
Shutout 10.0
Points Allowed (1-6) 7.0
Points Allowed (7-13) 4.0
Points Allowed (14-20) 1.0
Points Allowed (21-27) 0.0
Points Allowed (28-34) -1.0
Points Allowed (35+) -4.0
Yardage Allowed:
Category Default Value
Yards Allowed (0-99) 0.0
Yards Allowed (100-199) 0.0
Yards Allowed (200-299) 0.0
Yards Allowed (300-399) 0.0
Yards Allowed (400-499) 0.0
Yards Allowed (500+) 0.0
Important Notes:
  • Team defense is responsible for all points allowed.

  • By default, players who return punts or kickoffs for touchdowns do not get credited for the score; these points are awarded to the Defense/Special Teams. However, a fumble is assigned to the player who loses it. Please note that a 'Per Return TD' category is available to credit an individual player with a score, or 'Per Player Scoring Adjustment' can be used to manually override any value.
Football Scoring (Total Points Example):

A league may choose to only track Pass Yds/TDs, Rush Yds/TDs, and Rec Yds/TDs. Pass Yds are assigned a value of 0.05, Pass TDs a value of 3.0, Rush Yds a value of 0.1, Rush TDs a value of 6.0, Rec Yds a value of 0.1, and Rec TDs a value of 6.0. The Per Round Multiplier is set as follows: Rd 1 (1.0), Rd 2 (1.0), Rd 3 (1.0), Rd 4 (2.0). In the below example, player John Doe will accumulate a total of 165 fantasy points:

Player John Doe (QB):

Round Pass Yds Pass TDs Rush Yds Rush TDs Rec Yds Rec TDs Round Value
  • Value by Category:
    • Pass Yds Value = 20 (400 Yds * 0.05)
    • Pass TDs Value = 6 (2 TDs * 3.0)
    • Rush Yds Value = 1 (10 Yds * 0.1)
    • Rush TDs Value = 6 (1 TD * 6.0)
    • Rec Yds Value = 0 (0 Yds * 0.1)
    • Rec TDs Value = 0 (0 TDs * 6.0)
  • Value by Round:
    • Round 1 = 33 (33 * 1.0)
    • Round 2 = 33 (33 * 1.0)
    • Round 3 = 33 (33 * 1.0)
    • Round 4 = 66 (33 * 2.0)
  • Overall Value:
    • 165 = 33 + 33 + 33 + 66

Important Note: For full scoring details, please see Scoring.

Roster Management / Free Agency / Trades
For full details, please see Roster Management, Free Agency, and/or Trades.

Lineup Setting
Commissioners have a choice of two lineup setting options:
  • Daily: Player roster status is locked (i.e. starter/bench) from their game's scheduled start time until 12 AM EST. If game scoring occurs after 12 AM EST, players will remain locked until that time.

  • Per Round: Player roster status is locked (i.e. starter/bench) from their game's scheduled start time until after the last game in the round is scored.
Important Notes:
  • If there are no bench slots and free agency is disabled, no lineup moves are allowed and this setting has no effect.

  • Teams that have a bye on wildcard weekend will lock at the start of the last game.

  • Waivers
    Free agency can be configured with or without a waiver wire:
    • Waiver Wire: If a waiver wire is enabled, players are held in a queue during a waiver period which can be configured in a number of ways:

      Waiver Priority:
      • Continual Rolling List: Waivers are processed based on waiver priority position, which defaults to the reverse of the draft order for live and auto-drafts, and is randomly generated for offline drafts (however, commissioners have the ability to override the waiver order). Those with successful claims continually get put at the bottom of the list.

      • Free Agent Acquisition Budget (FAAB): Managers have a budget of 100 pts to bid on free agents.
      • Important Note: If FAAB is used with 'All the Time' waivers, every free agent transaction will involve a bid. If FAAB is used with 'Post Game' waivers, only those free agent transactions with players that are on waivers will involve a bid (otherwise players that are not locked can be acquired on demand).
      Waiver Period:
      • Post Game: Players are on waivers for only a limited period of time after games complete, otherwise they are unrestricted. The waiver period lasts from the time players are unlocked until 11 AM EST the next morning for 'Daily' leagues, or until 8 PM EST on Wednesday after a round completes for 'Per Round' leagues. Unrestricted players include all players that are dropped, not selected during a draft, etc. However, to avoid a run on premium free-agents on bye teams, ALL available players are put on waivers after the Sunday games end.

      • All the Time: All free agents must pass waivers and there is no unrestricted period. All waiver claims are processed each day at 11 AM EST.

    • No Waiver Wire: If a waiver wire is not configured, players that are not locked can be acquired on demand.

    Winning the Game
    Winning a Fantasy Postseason league is dependent upon the league format:
    • Head-to-Head: In a head-to-head league, one manager's team squares off in a weekly matchup against another manager's team to see who can compile the most points across a number of different categories. The manager with the most points at the end of the week is credited with a win, while the other manager is credited with a loss. If the two teams end up tied in overall points, each will receive half of a point.

      A new matchup begins each week - the actual dates of which correspond to the playoff calendar:
      - Week 1: Wildcard Playoffs
      - Week 2: Divisional Playoffs
      - Week 3: AFC/NFC Championship
      - Week 4: Super Bowl

      The manager that wins the title week, or has the best record at the end of the post-season wins the league. Total points serve as tie-breaker - in the very unlikely event a league remains dead-locked, each manager will get a share of the title.

    • Total Points: In a Total Points league, team managers accumulate points across a number of different categories throughout the playoffs. The team manager with the most points at the end of the postseason wins the league. Should two or managers share the same the amount of points, those managers will share the league title.